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Good website design is more than cutting and pasting images and text into HTML. Web design is as much Art as it is Engineering not only the site must look good and be well laid out but it must be programmed properly. Unlike a brochure, a website will render differently on different computers, browsers and monitors and complying to standards and testing your website on different computers and browsers is an important part of website development, often overlooked. We at Logo2win.com understand the art of web development and committed the do best services., so if you want to develop a world-class websites, then you can trust our service to meet your exact need.

However, if you are looking for expert website design and development, then we can help. We understand the internet and strive for excellence in all that we do, providing honest, professional advice on all aspects of website development, maintenance and marketing.

We believe that an effective website should take in consideration all of the following;
• Design - Creating a consistent, professional website that compliments existing company, enhance new branding experience and impress the target audience.
• Layout - choosing the right layout and link navigation for the written content
• Compatibility and Usability - ensuring that website is renders properly on different browsers and computers and is compliant to XHTML standards
• Speed - creating a website that is fast loading
• Search engines - to ensure that programming is compatible to search engines and search engine traffic maximized in the design of website
• Business Integration - that the website design should compliments exact business needs
• Hosting - reliable hosting on premium equipment and datacentre supported by qualified technicians
• Review - that website statistics are routinely reviewed and website design improved Planning
• Implementation and Testing - that the website is implemented on the web server and tested for broken links, errors and site functionality
• Quality Programming
• Common Sense - how the site links from page to page, layout structure ,names of Service/ business categories, helping users find the information quickly
• Price,Service and Support
• Our prices are very competitive.

Flexible Options
We generally recommend that customers who have small websites that are not updated regularly to develop static HTML website because they are cheaper to host and compliant to web standards, meaning that they are better for search engines. Larger website that requires frequent updating or other specialized features should choose a web content management. A CMS website holds images and content in a database and an interface is created to allow users to update the database, and hence the website. Our CMS website solution has been specifically designed to incorporate keywords, page descriptions, title tags, url names and alt tags.
Websites Advantages
Websites and electronic communication provide businesses with competitive advantage. Properly planned, designed and implemented website should pay for itself and providing a return on investment instantly. Websites provide companies with large customer bases the ability to communicate more effectively. Websites will increase the brand value of the company and helpful to interact with the customers, to understand the customer’s exact needs so that we can lead the business.
A website hosted on a reliable, commercial web server has the advantage of being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By providing detailed product information, logically organized and well written customers are able to access information about new products, latest price lists, special promotions. Contact details are easily accessible and the website provides new business opportunities because people can search for your product and service using search engines, which index WebPages.
Websites can also collect customer information and allows customers to sign up and order products and services. The cost of administration is reduced. Customers can also download forms, find information without having to telephone.
Targeted Mailing Lists allow businesses to keep employees, customers, shareholders and investors up to date and maintain communication.
News on special offers, discounts can be published online to information and to attractive new customers.

A website is the modern age business promotion and brand building tool with advantages such as ;
• reducing the number of brochures that your company needs to produce
• providing answers to frequently asked questions thus saving staff time
• providing a fun and timesaving shopping experience for customers.
• accessing information about customer buying patterns and purchases thus providing further marketing opportunities
• automated collection of orders, payments and customer details
• an online database of products which is quick, easy and inexpensive to modify
• improved communication by email which is professional and convenient, and is significantly better than leaving messages on answering machines

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